Easy to use software



Create personalized digital advertisements with our user friendly designer software.

Upload and add your own unique content to region timelines.

Not sure where to start? Utilize and customize our pre-made layouts. Save your layouts and reuse them as templates for future layouts.

Diverse Content

Include your own videos, images, text, apps, and websites in your digital ad. Insert the local weather and other various widgets to spice things up.


Schedule and Manage Displays


Log in to your user account to manage all of your content. Our easy to use system lets you create promotions for the mobile app, and see all of your connected displays.


The scheduler lets you choose the exact times your content is shown, and on which displays.


After scheduling your displays, you can quickly view and edit their schedules from within the calendar.

Business and Customer Communication




The smart city cast mobile app allows for two-way communication between businesses and customers.
Business location and contact information are found within every offer for the user’s convenience. Businesses can send notifications to customers through the smart city cast app.








Generate Repeat Business
Update and create new offers for users to see within the smart city cast mobile app.


Bring back previous customers by notifying them about your new offers.





Easy to Redeem Offers
QR codes are included with every offer inside of the mobile app. These codes can be scanned to quickly use promotions at the point of sale.






Reach New Customers
Offers within the smart city cast app can be shared via social media sites, email, and text messages.





Valuable Data Insights


Learn about customer behavior from the data gathered by the Meraki router. The data is visualized in charts representing Hourly, daily, and weekly store visitors; passersby; returning customers.


Boost Brand Recognition






Potential customers come across your business through digital signage and the mobile app.


Customers help spread your brand name by sharing offers via social media, email, and messages.




Communicate with Customers Dynamically

Communicate to past and potential customers with notifications.

Inform potential customers about your business through digital ads that grab their attention.

Create Effective Promotions
Design and personalize your advertisements to attract potential customers.


Enhance Customer Experience
Customers can use QR codes found inside of the mobile app to use your promotions. These codes can be scanned quickly at the point of sale.

Increase Sales

Improve the number of sales your business makes as a result of your increased brand recognition.

Local and Global Positioning
Whether you are a local business or a global enterprise, signcast will work for you.


Save Time and Money
Our easy to use digital signage software helps you save time.

Create and deploy offers through the mobile app to save money on advertising expenses.



Visual Data
The collection of device location data is represented in colorful charts that are easy to understand.