Visual communication for every business

Every business should be able to use digital signage to promote their products and services visually.

A reliable, simple and affordable Solution

Use our digital signage solution to create engaging, dynamic content in minutes.



Providing an interactive footprint that uniquely communicates your message.


New York Digital Signs is a nimble system that offers free simple hardware and software networks. The software consists of a suite of a powerful digital content management system. The hardware fosters visual communications through a simple Android device which could be used with any display or TV, as well as the options such as indoor/outdoor screens with options for touch screen and interactivity with different varieties of forms factors.

Simple Hardware, Powerful Software Equal Your Digital Signage

New York Digital Signs offers a low profile, free hardware and a cloud based easy to use software to enable organizations to communicate their messages via visual, eye catching digital screens. Businesses easily promote their products and services through familiar digital displays.

Simple free hardware

Easy installations

Agile administrative software

Remote management and monitoring

Cost effective and reliable

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